Ken Ingle

Director of Engineering
Meridian, ID

Products I've Shipped

Windows Phone 7, NoDo/7.1, Mango/7.5
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Windows Live Messenger
MSN 8.0, 9.0, 9.1, 10
Microsoft Passport (Windows Live ID)
Microsoft Transpoint

Who I am, where I've been

1987 to 1990Creighton Prep
1990 to 1993Boston University, College of Engineering
1993 to 1995Data Support Systems
1995 to 1997First Data Corporation, Systems Engineering
1997 to 2000Microsoft, Transpoint
2000 to 2002Microsoft, "HailStorm"
2002 to 2005Microsoft, Windows Live & MSN
2005 to 2010Microsoft, Microsoft SQL Server & Exchange Server
2010 to 2012Microsoft, Windows Phone
2012 to 2015iTradeNetwork

Grew up in Nebraska, educated in Boston, lived mostly in the Seattle area. I've lead the design, implementation, and deployment for teams of 4 to 40 developers at Microsoft and other companies.

Getting in contact with me

The best way to get in contact with me is through my personal email address. I'm sort of an introvert and try not to be online all that much, but you can also find me via:
My main, personal email.
My alternate email, in case you insist that Google read it, too.
I'm fairly antisocial, but I am on the social network.
On the social network for work-networkers.
The best place to post secrets so that no one finds them.